Top Logo Design Tips

logo design tipsChoosing the right logo to represent your company can be difficult. I have seen many logos that were simply not memorable, and did not inspire any interest in the company behind it.

What many people do not understand is that the logo is more than just a little image used to represent the company. It is a representation of your technique and creativity, and embodies the face and drive of your business.

If you need to establish the right logo for your business, consider some of the following tips on attractive and memorable logo design.

Be Unique

be uniqueWhile this is easier said than done, a unique logo is one that will help you distinguish your brand from your competitors. Think about what type of business your group does and how you can represent that business in an attractive and innovative way.

You can look at other logos as examples, but you should never utilize any of their elements in a way that will make people think of those other logos. Analyze the potential shapes and colors that you can use in your logo and think about how you can bring them all together in the final design in an attractive and innovative way.

Think about how those shapes can bring more than one message to mind. The use of double meanings in imagery has long been a tradition in attractive and innovative logo design, and establishing such cues with your work can be a good way to stand out.

Utilize Memorable Colors

There are few things that will capture the spirit of your logo quite as powerfully as color. When people think about the personality of your logo, almost immediately, the colors will pop into their minds first, with the shapes serving as representative mediums for those colors.

memorable brand colorsAs such, finding the balance between the right colors and the right message can be difficult, especially in the early stages of developing your logo. Brighter, bolder colors may be attention grabbing, but they can appear as overwhelming if not done right.

Similarly, more muted tones may appear elegant, but if done poorly, they can be easy to miss. Different colors will represent different things as well. Passionate reds, creative oranges, optimistic yellows, organic greens, tranquil blues, evocative purples, understanding the themes behind these colors will allow you to utilize them better with your brand.

Stay Flexible

While a logo can possess almost infinite potential for double meaning and attractive details, it is crucial to remember that simplicity is best. You want to have an easy to view and remember logo, one that is both interesting and quirky without seeming to be too overbearing.

flexibilityYou will want the message to appear in a flash, and for the person to associate your products and services with your logo. As such, one of the most important things to do is to look into the potential of your logo and see what elements you can downplay in order to establish a more powerful design.

No matter what type of design you choose to represent your logo, it is crucial to remember that your logo must be flexible. With so many different mediums that it can appear on, it is important for the logo to be able to stand on its own in a wide variety of backdrops and spaces.

For this reason, it is important to consider how you plan on creating a versatile design, or if you will make minor changes to it in accordance with the featured background.

Be Patient

Both the design process and the introductory will take time and effort. It is extremely rare for any logos to become immediately iconic, even if they are incredibly well designed.

Fine tuning your logo is something that you should perform as carefully as you can, ensuring that you establish a successful and memorable logo by improving various drafts and details. Even if may take longer than you had originally planned, finalizing your logo to the best of your abilities is vital.

As such, it is important to temper your expectations during the design process as well, and to remember that the logo that you are designing is just one part of a larger, more complete package that your company can offer.